Our scrubber systems or smoke filters get and clear without other filters all kinds of particulates

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We have got with models
appropiates for all instalation types both industrial and domestic.

Our smoke debuggers or smoke purification systems captures and clean without the need for filters all kinds of particle in suspension or soot in combustion of coal, diesel oil, firewood, fuel, etc

Because, with our sensors, smoke comes out clean the chimney will prevent discomfort such as dirty charcoal hanging clothes, the courtyards or deterioration by corrosion of rooftops and antennas.

In addition our filters clearly protected the environment and flora as well as the environment and the air we breathe, to such an extent that some industries and factories are requesting subsidies after or for the installation of the same.

Our purifiers have functioned successfully in communities of neighbors, foundries, pizza restaurants, bakeries, restaurants, carpentry, chalets, crematorium, hospitals and in all the place where have been installed to clean the smoke from the chimneys.

Smoke debugger Model CENIT from 295€

"Enough already of offsets of chimney.. .that only carry the problem a few meters beyond"


  • filtres à fumée
  • filtres à fumée
  • epurateurs de fumee III


Smoke debugger Model Domo Grey cement Smoke debugger Model Domo Orange range tile

The of smoke debugger smaller, lighter and most economical in the world!!

With its six kilos of weight and small volume is, as its name suggests, the sensor more functional on the market.

Very easy to install, of similar size to a chimney top and with a very cheap transportation for the first time a smoke scrubber is perfectly accessible to clean the smoke in chalets, barbecues, biomass boilers and any other domestic or particular installation.

Debugger FUNCTIONAL DOMO and coolers In spite of its low price, our FUNCIONAL DOMO isn´t less effective in debugging of smoke, so it is installed successfully in pizza restaurants, bakeries, communities and other industrial projects.
This sensor is suitable for fireplaces of 200 mm in diameter or less, but is perfectly suitable for other higher if larger chimney is divided into two or more of the appropriate diameter.

The FUNCIONAL is manufactured in a unique special resin that allows you to withstand constant temperatures of 150 C (supports higher peaks and sparks). As all our purifiers, after the installation of the FUNCIONAL DOMO, you can clean, clothesline or paint without fear of annoying soot or dirty char.

If you have a problem due to the smoke from your chimney, a neighbor complains, or they put impediments to set up his restaurant for fear of the smoke don't hesitate! Buy one of our water purifiers and topic solved.

El FUNCIONAL is currently available in two colours:
- Grey cement is the discreet, so that it looks like the most possible to a simple completion of the chimney.
- Orange range tile, very suitable for many types of roof, it is most striking and he has looked with the intention that it is clearly visible that a debugger is installed.

The Functional are highly demanded, so almost at all times we have in stock and shipping is immediate to anywhere in Europe.

Smoke debugger in storehouse Smoke debugger ready for shipping

In exceptional cases, usually at an industrial level of certain combustion more complex, which requires a particularly demanding smoke cleaning, the functional are designed for use with the DUPLO system. Just the multi-image two equal to double the effectiveness, already by itself sufficient, this super debugger.

Sistema DUPLO

DUPLO system

In case of constant temperature of smoke from your chimney slightly exceed 150 C and you have questions about the suitability of this sensor... there is no problem! We have our exclusive COOLER.

  This chimney module is installed just before the FUNCIONAL and provides air to throw in such a way that it cools the smoke to pass through our washer. Depending on the combustion, the type of chimney and others punctualities the temperature of the smoke more or less low, but it is usually sufficient to reach the temperature suitable for the use of this dome.

We have our DP ENFRIADOR (In double-wall insulated) or SP cooler (in single-walled), both in stainless steel.  

Choose the most appropriate for the type of chimney you have installed in our online store.

Find there also adapters and other accessories for installation the most practical, simple and professional as possible from the tube that you have your new smoke DOMO functional debugger.

Exclusive SP COOLER/ Exclusive DP COOLER


This sensor is the height in smoke purification, ash, sparks or any kind of heavy particle clearance.

This system has a patent just approved in 2014 and is the sum of the experience of other previous models (also patented by DEHORNOS). It does not have filters that will no doubt become blocked shortly after, or with curtains of water, mazes or any other impediment that can retain the correct evacuation shot nor can dampen the smoke of chemically dangerous form.

The appliance is completely manufactured in stainless steel of the best quality properly insulated with 50 mm high density rock wool and exterior finish also stainless steel so both his aesthetic, quality as durability is extraordinary.

For its high quality of dry scrubbing this sensor is suitable for the most varied industrial needs or catering. CENIT instructions.

  • filtres à fumée
  • filtres à fumée
  • epurateurs de fumee III
  • Les cheminées et la fumée


Prepared for the same purpose that the functional DOMO, but this model on square is prepared to endure any kind of temperature.

As top of the chimney or in any shared space it can be installed with a weight about 40 kg.
The appliance is completely manufactured in stainless steel of the best quality properly insulated with 50 mm high density rock wool and exterior finish also stainless steel so both his aesthetic, quality as durability is extraordinary.

Choose the right model for you in our online shop

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Whatever your need for debugging or problem to solve in any combustion or fireplace, both domestic and industrial; you can contact with us and we will advise you about the best scrubber systems for you.





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